I'm Martin, guitarist for All India Radio & KilbeyKennedy. This blog consists of images scanned from magazines and books I've been collecting for the last million years, my music activities and whatever tickles my fancy.

Painting by Pat Rawlings from the book The Snows of Olympus by Arthur C Clarke

Backing vocalist on the next album #cats

Painting by Michael Carroll from the book The Snows of Olympus by Arthur C Clarke

More good music here than I can handle. Take your time, soak it in. The Church, Joy Division, Alan Parsons Project, Giorgio Moroder, Focus and loads more

Led Zeppelin IV. This was amongst the first LPs I ever purchased in the late 1970s (the first if memory serves were Pink Floyd Meddle, Abba Greatest Hits Vol 2, a JPY album and a bunch of singles). Never really liked anything else of Zep, just this one. #classicrock #vinyl #ledzeppelin

Pink Floyd ‘Free-Form Freakouts’ double LP.

If you’re going to spend big bucks on bootleg albums this is how they should look. Good packaging with interesting artwork, colour pictures and heavy vinyl. The sound quality isnt too bad either.

Early 1990s computer rendering of Mars from the book The Snows of Olympus by Arthur C Clarke

Intro of All India Radio ‘Far Away (Remix)’ from last years Fall Remixes album. I’ll never fall out of love with this song. Cowritten with @birdsayshello #allindiaradio #ambient #triphop #downtempo

Doug McLeod ‘Outbound’ (1988)

ninaeff asked: Hey, awesome blog! I've loved classic space art since I was little. Just wondering, do you know any places online where they sell posters or prints of this kinda thing?

You are best going to the individual artists website for posters and prints. These ones have some great stuff http://www.astroart.org & http://www.artistsuk.co.uk/acatalog/CHRIS_FOSS_PRINTS_AND_POSTERS.html

Steve R Dodd “The Surface of Titan” (1980s) - unpublished

Meco ‘Star Wars & Other Galactic Funk’ vinyl LP

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